May 2018

[NPM Tip] Error: self signed certificate in certificate chain

As a developer, if you are behind a corporate proxy that assigns an intermediatory self signed SSL certificate to every request to provide secure content filtering as part of cybersecurity measures, I am sure you might have gone through the pain to get it working when working with NodeJS. if you have Admin access to
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[NPM Tip] Rewriting the default protocol for GitHub package references

Some times as a Modern Web Developer you will face some “npm install” as some of the packages would be referring to git/ssh protocol to reference private packages from Git Hub.  This would fail when you are behind a corporate proxy. Rewriting the default protocol for GitHub, run the following snippet in your command line:
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Blazer - The new experimental web framework from Microsoft

In this world of multiple Web frameworks Microsoft would not want to stop experimenting with new frameworks for Web development. Innovation is a key to Microsoft, doesn’t matter the start later than the React(Facebook) and Angular(Google) , but Microsoft has proven most of the times they are good in developing cutting edge frameworks.  That’s how
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