FREE Windows Phone 8 Devices for Testing

Our developers have encountered some issues regarding testing their Windows Phone 8 apps either because their PCs lack the required specs to run the emulator or the lack of devices to test their apps.

I found a solution that should ease the pain and help us overcome such a challenge to an extent. Nokia promotes Remote Device Access FREE of CHARGE for all Nokia Developer members.

Logging in and using the system

The Nokia Developer Remote Device Access (RDA) service is available to all Nokia Developer members (you can create an account for free). Members access the service by using their Nokia Developer logins and passwords. RDA usage is free of charge: Each user automatically receives a specific amount of device-usage time per day. The current limit is 8 hours/day.

NOTE:-> A Prerequisite that you should consider that could hinder the installation of the Remote Device Access Client on your machine is to have ‘Java for Windows’ installed on your PCs. Please download it from here.


->Here you are the Instructions for RDA usage.

More Resources

RDA User Guide

Remote Device Access at Nokia Developer Wiki ›
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Frequently Asked Questions

Windows Phone Latest Updates from the site:



  • RDA does not currently support audio.
  • The service does not provide direct access to device-hardware features (such as removing or reattaching a battery and opening or closing a clamshell phone).
  • No additional peripherals are available by default.
  • Because RDA is a remote solution, user experience may vary based on factors such as distance from server, connection speed, network traffic, and local network policies (such as firewalls).
  • Nokia Developer does not offer technical support for the service. In case of serious issues, please contact the system administrator.
  • There is no guarantee that the devices will be accessible at a given time. There may be service breaks.

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Mohamed Yamama,

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